Chesed is a privilege and our community needs your help.

Privacy, Integrity, Solutions

The Toronto Jewish community has many cases in need of various types of Chesed assistance. There are also many organizations mandated and equipped to address the city’s needs. is addressing the needs of the cases that don’t fit into any of the well-defined mandates of local organizations or for an immediate need that has been validated but can’t wait for due process of an organization.

If required we will also direct them to the proper organization or advocate on their behalf to ensure sustainable solutions on a case by case basis.

Privacy and integrity is the foundation of
We ensure accountability and transparency in each and every case.

At Chesed Toronto we don’t just listen, we make sure you are heard and cared for 100% of the time.

Succeeding in our mission requires us to reach out to every member of the community for assistance. Every donation regardless of the amount is important to our success.